WATOBO v.0.9.6 Released

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WATOBO is intended to enable security professionals to perform highly efficient (semi-automated ) web application security audits. We are convinced that the semi-automated approach is the best way to perform an accurate audit and to identify most of the vulnerabilities.WATOBO has no attack capabilities and is provided for legal vulnerability audit purposes only.WATOBO works like a local proxy, similar to Webscarab, Paros or BurpSuite.

Additionally, WATOBO supports passive and active checks. Passive checks are more like filter functions. They are used to collect useful information, e.g. email or IP addresses. Passive checks will be performed during normal browsing activities. No additional requests are sent to the (web) application.
Active checks instead will produce a high number of requests (depending on the check module) because they do the automatic part of vulnerability identification, e.g. during a scan.

* General: Supports One-Time-Tokens (e.g. Anti-CSRF-Tokens)
* General: NTLM Authentication (Server and Proxy)
* New Plugin: FileFinder
* GUI: switch the icon and text size for lower screen resolution
* Manual Request Editor: Table-View for easier parameter manipulation

Download: http://sourceforge.net

Video demo: http://sourceforge.net

via : http://security-sh3ll.blogspot.com/

The Secure Web Application Framework Manifesto is a document detailing a specific set of security requirements for developers of web application frameworks to adhere to. The manifesto centers around the following beliefs:

-Frameworks that are „secure by default‟ will yield a dramatic reduction in the number of common web application security vulnerabilities.
-Application security experts should provide, on a regularly basis, updated guidance to framework developers on how to incorporate mechanisms to avoid newly discovered vulnerabilities

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Source : security-sh3ll

Sucuri Web Integrity Monitor

Posted March 23rd, 2010. Filed under Security Stuff

Cum din ce in ce mai multi aveti site-uri am zis sa dau o mana de ajutor , Sucuri Web Integrity Monitor este recomandarea mea .
Ce face ?
” Our Web Integrity Monitor solution will detect unauthorized changes to your web sites, DNS, Whois or SSL certificates.

Be notified instantly via email or twitter if your site is hosting malware, blacklisted, hacked or unavailable”

Vedeti video de mai jos .Mai multe gasiti aici : Sucuri
Video :

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