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Posted May 21st, 2010. Filed under Security Stuff

About Lens


Lens is an open-source ethical hacking tool specialized to penetration testing of ASP.NET web applications. Lens is written in WPF 4 and its internal modular architecture allows us to easily add new tests to the system.


You can use our Lens tool to test your site against the following attacks.


* Session state
o Eavesdropping
o Session fixation (available in v.
* Forms authentication
o Eavesdropping
* ViewState
o Eavesdropping (available in v.
o Information disclosure (available in v.
o Event handler bypass
* Event handling
o Postback to disabled controls
o Postback to invisible controls
* One-click attack


System Requirements


.NET Framework 4 (Full Profile)


Download : http://ethicalhackingaspnet.codeplex.com/


This tool automates some of the tasks you might need on a (wireless) penetration test or while you are on the go. It aims to be a multi purpose tool for:

Connect to different access points with different credentials with easy to use config files
Run a evil / rogue access point (Karma, Karmetasploit)
Sniff credentials (dsniff suite, sslstrip)
Hamster credentials (Wifizoo, Ferret, Hamster)
Test WEP encryption (Wepbuster)
Set up secure connections in hostile environments (SSH tunnel, OpenVPN, DNS Tunnel)
Install and Update required software

Written for the security disto Backtrack, heavily tested on BT4 Final in particular, also running on Ubuntu 9.10, but might work on others systems, too.

Download: http://code.google.com/p/ubitack

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