BeEF v0.4.2.1 released

Posted January 11th, 2011. Filed under Security Stuff

BeEF, the Browser Exploitation Framework is a professional security tool provided for lawful research and testing purposes. It allows the experienced penetration tester or system administrator additional attack vectors when assessing the posture of a target. The user of BeEF will control which browser will launch which command module and at which target.

BeEF hooks one or more web browsers as beachheads for the launching of directed command modules in real-time. Each browser is likely to be within a different security context. This provides additional vectors that can be exploited by security professionals

@beefproject – now with keylogger!

Download : http://code.google.com

Source : http://security-sh3ll.blogspot.com/2011/01/beef-v0421-released.html

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