Nu cred ca mai este necesar sa vorbesc despre Metasploit .Toata lumea stie ce este.
Sunt convins ca multi care au incercat metasploit au vazut ca rezultatul este fara success atunci cand windows firewall este up si porturile sunt filtrate.
Ieri am gasit pe securitytube solutia pentru voi .

“A lot of times the victim machine may have windows firewall turned on thus making exploitation of vulnerable services on the victim tough. In this video, we will look at how to workaround this restriction. The author first lures the victim to view his malicious webpage which is a riddled with a browser exploit. Once the victim gets compromised, the attacker notices that he still only has privileges of the local user. He now needs to escalate his privilege by exploiting a system program or service. To accomplish this he creates an SSH tunnel through the firewall to his machine. Using this tunnel and port forwarding he compromises the SMB service running on the victim which has privileges of the Local System. Once his privileges are escalated he enables the Remote Desktop service, creates a new user and connects to the victim machine. Game Over! ”

P.S : pc-urile celor de la FISC ( localitate la mine ) au asa ceva , trageti voi concluzia.

Video : http://securitytube.net/Hacking-through-the-Windows-Firewall-using-Metasploit-video.aspx

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