Keykeriki v2 – CanSecWest 2010 Release

Posted March 27th, 2010. Filed under Security Stuff

Thorsten has presented our Keykeriki v2 work for the first time to a broader audience at the CanSecWest 2010 conference in Vancouver.


Practical Exploitation of Modern Wireless Devices is the title of the presentation and introduces the Keykeriki v2 as a (HW and SW) toolkit to sniff and inject traffic to a broad range of wireless devices, which are using the NRF24 series transceivers of Nordic Semiconductor.
Click here to download the slideset.

As promised during the talk, we release a first debug- and developement version of the hardware layout here. The corresponding firmware sourcecode and binary is available here – this version allows attacking current models of the Microsoft Keyboards, that are using these chips. The code is a first release and is limited on purpose to this scenario (keyboard sniffing and remote command execution). Hopefully we can extend its layout to evolve to a software based, inexpensive software defined radio for 2.4GHz frequencies.

And no.. this is NOT limited to keyboards, only the released code is. We will update the rest of the Keykeriki section when Thorsten is back home. A detailed HOWTO will follow Thorsten on his way back to Europe.

Source : http://www.remote-exploit.org/?p=483

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